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A few of my friends (Bunny, Judy, and Sandy) from my “Creative Saturday” group and I went to Memphis back in June to “Burn some Sh*t,” pardon my French. What we really wanted to do […]

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Scott Kelby’s 2013 Worldwide Photo Walk

This year’s Scott Kelby’s 5th Worldwide Photo Walk was on Saturday, October 5. Groups of people from around the world went out and shot photos and shared them with each other. I joined a group […]

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Kansas City 2013 Ethnic Enrichment Festival

A couple of my photo friends, Dara Russell, and Donna Huston, and I went to the Kansas City Ethnic Enrichment Festival at Swope Park last weekend. I’ve gone by myself a couple of times in […]

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If you’re looking for a cuppa Java in the next few winter months, you really should try the Latteland at 79th and State Line here in KC. Of course, the coffee and company is fantastic, […]

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Saturday Morning Photowalk – KC Garment District

A beautiful, crisp, albeit it chilly, fall day! Perfect to take a walk around the city, grab some photos, and a little history lesson to boot. A good photo friend of mine, Dara Russell, and […]

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Creative Nectar

  Spending a whole Saturday doing nothing but painting, and painting anything I felt like, however I felt like. It was fabulous. Allowing imperfection in the midst of perfection, which is an idea that makes […]

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Adding Video – How fun is that?!

Okay, the confirmation e-mail said it all – “Your First YouTube Video!” It’s a short film I made with a couple of friends at UMKC, Ann Grace and Christina Nordhaus. Our assignment was to edit […]

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