I’m interested in all kinds of things, which is great for variety, but not always so great for focus. Here are some sites and blogs that make me curious, make me happy, make me think. Sometimes they belong to friends of mine, sometimes to complete strangers, but always people I would love to know. Check them out, and see what you discover!

The Creative Life

Despite our protestations, we are ALL creative. We just need to step up and own it.

  • Brain Pickings – A one-woman labor of love — a subjective lens on what matters in the world and why
  • Flora Bowley – I adore Flora’s spirit – and her painting. She’s a generous soul who shares her love for painting with others.
  • Kelly Rae Roberts – A wonderful mixed-media artist (I’m taking her “Flying Lessons” course to learn all about building a creative business”
  • Shutter Sisters and Camera Men –  An amazing group of women and men who have banded together to inspire and encourage each other

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Film & Video

Who doesn’t enjoy a great movie – whether it’s a sweeping saga on the big-screen, a fascinating documentary on the flat screen, or something totally unexpected on the computer screen.

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Yum! Try out a new recipe or just enjoy the delicious images of foods you may know – or not.

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Photos & Images

We live in a visual world. Here’s proof!

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Kansas City Connections

In the spirit of thinking local, here are some great Kansas City sites you should explore.

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Social Entrepreneurship

Many businesses are adding “social responsibility” as a bottom-line measure of their success, and in the process, are creating viable businesses that help people help themselves – and make money.

  • The Kauffman Foundation – The world’s largest foundation devoted to entrepreneurship
  • Phoenix Family – Phoenix Family empowers people living in low-income housing communities with the on-site support they need to gain stability and achieve self-sufficiency (a compassionate and caring non-profit that I’ve worked at part-time for over five years)
  • TED, Inc. – Ideas Worth Sharing: Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world

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Words & Writing

It’s one of the first pleasures many of us are fortunate enough to experience: a bedtime story read to us, or the first brightly colored book we learn to read (memorize) to our parents’ amazement.

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