Stories are so much more than, “Just the facts, ma’am.”

Whether they’re created out of words or images, or both – stories can present an entertaining, enlightening, and sometimes inspiring way to learn more about ourselves, each other, or the world.

Here are some stories that I’ve created throughout the years… photographs that show the interaction of people and our environment, papers I’ve written that explore the role of narratives in our lives, and short videos that take a look at some interesting people in our community.


These are just some of the many photos I’ve taken throughout the years, some close to home, and some not. I’ve include a variety of images, plus a link to even more on my flickr site. If you see anything you’d like to purchase, please contact me. I’d (obviously) love to talk you! Check out my images


Much of what I’ve written here was created while taking classes for a Master’s in Liberal Studies. Although Liberal Arts often gets an undeserved bad rap in practical circles (ha), I felt it would make me think and observe and process my ideas in a broader, more holistic way. And it definitely did. I found writing papers for a variety of classes including communications, history, geography, and anthropology extremely thought provoking, enlightening and, dare I say, fun! So, take a peak and see what you think.


Some of the most fun I had was combining words and images into films! Here’s a selection of short documentary films / videos I created around Kansas City. Take a look around!

Please contact me if you want to know more about anything you see here, or if you might like to work together, or if you’d just like to say hello!