Monthly Archives: February 2010


Adding Photos to a Post…

Dancer at Maddie Rhodes’ “Day of the Dead Festival” (to “People” Portolio) Another experiment – how to add photos correctly. Okay – obviously, I need to watch the size and location of where I place […]

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Third post’s a charm…

This is really just a testing post, so I can see how the layout of the page works as I keep adding posts. I don’t like how the post headers look after the first post. […]

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It may be hard to tell, but I AM making progress on my site. I’m using the Lightbox theme by Photocrati, but I’m doing quite a bit of customization myself. And, there’s definitely been a […]

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As you can see, I’m just beginning to bring my site together. So, there’s not much to see – yet. I’ll send out an announcement when it’s ready, or please bookmark and check back from […]

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