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Although I would appear to be at the age when I have this all figure out, 'm currently searching for the answer to the question, "What do I want to be when I grow up?" Instead, I'm looking for new and socially-rewarding endeavors that allow me to express my creative side and also make me feel happy and proud at the end of each day.

Kaw Point at Sunset

Our photography club, Digital Dimensions KC, went on a field trip a few weeks ago at Kaw Point, a spot along the Kaw River that overlooks downtown Kansas City. We wanted to shoot at sunset, […]

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Kansas City Plaza at Night

Here are a few shots from KC’s Country Club Plaza… I went with my photo friends, and we’ve all shot the Plaza more times than we can count, so we were looking for something a […]

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Kauffman Gardens

Another monthly photowalk in the books, this time at Kauffman Gardens. It was HOT, so we mostly shot inside the little inside “room” of the garden. I’m not sure what it’s called, and it had […]

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Kansas City’s 39th Street

Had a great time shooting photos along KC’s West 39th Street… an older neighborhood with a ton of character.

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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr… or Paseo Boulevard?

A few months ago, the Kansas City City Council voted to rename an iconic Kansas City Boulevard from The Paseo to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This immediately stirred up a controversy in the city… […]

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I do believe…

our beliefs move us toward our reality. Not that we can sit and think, “I want a million dollars” and poof! Someone magically knocks on our door and hands us a bag of money. Or […]

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The road not taken…

Life sometimes seems like one unknown set of crossroads after the other. Which path to take? Is this the road of my life’s journey? Why don’t I have the certainty that others have? I want […]

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