I do believe…

Lone Tree on Grouse Mountain

our beliefs move us toward our reality. Not that we can sit and think, “I want a million dollars” and poof! Someone magically knocks on our door and hands us a bag of money. Or that things – good or bad – happen to us simply because we think or believe.

But in the way that when we believe something is true or possible, we start to take action, sometimes without realizing it, to move in that direction. So, I know I’ve been carrying around the belief that I can’t make enough money to live responsibly and be generous to others if I choose to live a creative life – whether that means life as a photographer, artist, writer, filmmaker,  or a wonderful combination of all these things. Consciously or not, I’ve allowed that negative belief to become my reality, simply because I haven’t been able to believe in my ability to live a happy, successful, generous creative life.

That’s in spite of the fact that millions of people do just that. Despite the fact I’m drawn to these things in my heart, so I’m pretty darn sure they have a large role in why I’m here on this earth. Despite the fact that when I let myself, I’m pretty darn sure that I’m as creative as the next person.

So, today I’m going to turn that belief over and around and upside down. From “I can’t make a living using my creativity,” to “I can make a fantastic life using my creativity!” Oops. I accidentally wrote “life” instead of “living.” Life is so much better! I think that just might be my subconscious telling me get off my keester and move beyond worrying about paying my bills – and let myself believe it’s more important to nourish my soul and build a life I love and that makes me happy and proud. If I do this, I will be able to be responsible and generous, which is what I want most of all.

I’m putting it out there, and let’s see where it takes me!

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