Scott Kelby’s 2013 Worldwide Photo Walk

This year’s Scott Kelby’s 5th Worldwide Photo Walk was on Saturday, October 5. Groups of people from around the world went out and shot photos and shared them with each other. I joined a group in KC organized by Peter Amerio that met at the beautiful Kauffman Performing Arts Center. Believe it or not, I have never shot any images of this fantastic building. That’s gonna change.

Two of my favorite photo buddies, Dara Russsell and Marciana Vequist, also went, and we had a blast as usual. I also ran into an old friend from my advertising days at VML, Susan Motley. We started our walk at the Kauffman Center, then meandered down to the Webster House and ended up on 18th Street, near Wyandotte. I can tell I’m rusty with my shooting, but I’m so glad we went. Shooting again helped inspire me to get out and capture some of the beautiful fall foliage that’s starting to turn colors now.

KC Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts It’s hard not to get fun shots of this building – and I love reflections! It was cloudy when we started, so I went b&w to emphasize the graphic shapes and lines here.


KC Kauffman Center for the Performing ArtsDSC5236 I really like that it’s hard to tell what this picture is when you first look at it. The left side is a small reflective black building on the south side, and it’s just caught a bit of the Kauffman Center and part of the Bartle Hall sky sculptures. Plus there’s a bit of nature from plants and trees.


KC Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts This image is very similar to the first image, but with the color exaggerated. The orange is from the older brick buildings on the nearby streets.


KC Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts I really liked the combination of man-made and natural elements, and the blue/aqua of the glass building with the browns and oranges of the grasses. I thought it was a nice mix of colors and textures and shapes.


KC Webster House The Webster House is a school that was built in 1885 and has been restored beautifully. It has a wonderful restaurant and boutique, and since it’s just a short walk from the Kauffman Center, it’s enjoying a renaissance of business. This makes me think of an old gated castle.


KC Downtown Skyline This shot of the downtown KC skyline is from the same place I shot the above image, but I just happened to turn around and look back to the north. That’s something I have to force myself to remember  when I’m walking and shooting pics – that there can be really interesting views behind me!


KC 18th and Wyandotte I love that there are these pockets of communities in downtown KC! For many years, we all avoided downtown KC, but it’s come alive again in the past few years. You can ride your bike down, sit outside and enjoy a wonderful breakfast and read the paper. The rocket in the back right is on the old TWA headquarters building. A local ad agency lives there now.


KC 18th and Wyandotte Finally, one last shot at 18th and Wyandotte before we headed down to Mildreds’s Coffeehouse to chat about the morning. I LOVE going on photo walks with other photographers and seeing what they captured that I missed! We have a page on Google+, but I’m not sure it’s public. I’m still not really sure what’s what with Google+, but I’ll try linking the page anyway.

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