St. Joseph, MO

Well, it seems like it takes some kind of event for me to actually find make time to get out and shoot pics. And to actually post to my blog? Well, that’s even harder!

So, as you’ve probably guessed, I went on another photowalk, with a great meetup group here in KC. – The Kansas City Photography Meetup Group. Catchy name 🙂 I went with my photo-friend, Dara Russell, and 40 or so other super nice photographers. We lucked out with a beautiful morning.

The theme of the day was to capture the old signs around St. Joe before they’re torn down. I absolutely adore old areas, maybe because I grew up in an older part of KC, MO. It always makes me think of being a kid and wandering around with my little brother and our friends – without any worries.

So, without further adieu, here are a few pics from yesterday. Except for the one above, they’re posted in the order I shot them. I was going to say there are very few signs, but actually there are quite a few – they’re just not the hero of the shots. 🙂

I love reflections, and couldn’t resist this mirror in the window of the Missouri Glass Company building… That’s the “HiHo Bar” in green.

And what should happen as I”m looking for reflections, but a martial arts class doing their morning run past the Missouri Glass Company. I captured another photographer in the pic as a bonus.

More reflections combined with a self portrait. Those are my sweat pants and tennis shoes peaking out.

I liked this bright red door. I almost made the rest of the image B&W, since it’s kind of dull, but I’m not sure about that. I might try it and repost.

There were quite a few churches in the area where we were walking around. For some reason, I couldn’t get a good shot of them.

I liked this little lone tulip against the white picket fence. Here are a couple of different angles. I liked it placed against the right side, which is a little unusual.

Another image of the little tulip, shifted to a more traditional position. I was happy to get the green patches.

There’s a sign in the background!

This is a classic clock sign. I hate that the local jewelry company has gone out of business. I gave this image a bit of a vintage, aged feel.

And a close-up of the lights around the Wrights Jewelry building. They probably haven’t been turned on in years. That’s sad.

A beautiful garden, watched over by a pink flamingo. At first we thought this might be a business, but it turned out to be someone’s home.

And finally: a wedding cake – and more reflections! I liked the red fire hydrant and awning in the reflection, along with the steps that are in the background.

And so ends our little photo jaunt around St. Joe, MO. It was a fun morning – and I’m SO glad I managed to shoot some new pictures, process them, AND even post them.

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