A Fall Morning on Kansas City’s West Side

I love fall! But I haven’t taken ANY pictures, until today. My photo buddy, Dara, and I have both been too busy with other (non-fun) activities to get out and shoot any photos lately, but we finally made it to one of our favorite areas this morning.

Kansas City’s West Side is made up of wonderful old houses, filled with trees and flowers. It’s seen a resurgence in the last few years, with new restaurants, in addition to the new residents.

Here are a few shots I took while walking around the neighborhood. Sorry I don’t have more to say, but I’m happy I’ve even posted anything – ha!


BlueBird Cafe
While I was taking this, a nice gentleman stopped and asked, in a puzzled voice, what in the world was I looking at.


Purple Flowers
There were a few flowers still holding on, even though we’re into November.


Windy Flowers
Dara is in a group that chooses a theme a week to photograph – this week was “wind.” This isn’t particularly windy, but maybe a bit.


West Side House
Even though this house was on a crowded street, I think it gives the impression of being an isolated farmhouse.


Blue Fall Sky
Again, this was the view from a crowded neighborhood street, but because it’s on a hill, I think it feels like being out in the country.


Fall Leaves
I just like the colors and shapes here… straight roof tiles and curved branches and leaves.


Shadows on a Stone Wall
And I liked the shadows on this old stone wall, again with a few red roses still blooming.


Sculptural Bottles
Dara’s niece lives in a wonderful old apartment on the West Side, and her landlord has created his own sculpture garden, filled with all kinds of interesting objects – and lots and lots of colored bottles.


Blue Bottles in a Tree
These blue Skyy Vodka bottles make a nice glow among the trees.


Kansas City West Side
The Calico Bread Company on a sidewalk full of fall leaves.


Grape Ivy
And finally, some grape ivy leaves still clinging to the wall.


That’s all. I’m SO glad we got out and shot photos today. I miss shooting – and I need to make time for what’s important to me.

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