Flying Lessons

Tallgrass Prairie Butterfly

No, not that kind of flying lessons. 🙂

But I AM taking a splendid course in learning to soar creatively, taught by Kelly Rae Roberts, a wonderful mixed-media artist I found while wandering the Web awhile back. I love her artwork, and I also love her approach to creativity and life – open, honest, sincere – and willing to share her amazing creative journey with others.

By day, I work at a great non-profit, Phoenix Family Housing, while their accountant is on maternity leave. I enjoy working with such committed people who spend their days providing services to help folks in low-income housing communities not only stay in their homes, but thrive in their communities. It’s a little different than the advertising world I used to inhabit, but both worlds contain interesting, hard-working, passionate people who care about their work.

By night, I’m immersed in an incredible online community of like-minded creative folks who want to share their creativity with others. And like me, who would like to turn this joy into a creative business. So, I hope to have more time to spread my wings and give this a go!

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