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05.20.11 - Kitchen Flowers

I’ve been pondering why I haven’t been shooting many images lately. I suspect part of the reason – okay, the rationalization – is because it’s not always convenient to haul around my favorite heavy-duty camera all the time . So, I decided to stop leaning on that particular excuse and use the camera I have with me every day.

I’ve never shot photos from my phone, which might seem insane to many of you. It does to me, too, now. I’m not exactly sure why I didn’t do it before, but I mean, really. I needed to get with the program.

It’s not a fancy phone, so it’s not a fancy camera. I couldn’t even tell you how many pixels it shoots, but I’m pretty sure I’ll never capture something I can print in much more than a 4×6 snapshot. But, it IS a camera, and I can work on “seeing” images again. That’s got me all excited, just thinking about it!

My first shot was a pretty ordinary picture of some flowers sitting by my kitchen sink near the window, and I added a bit of color and texture to make it feel happier. The flowers were a party favor from my friend Sloan’s incredibly fun birthday lunch last year. It was one of those “laugh ’til your sides split and your face hurts from smiling” kind of days.

I don’t usually allow flowers to live long enough to bloom, but these have hung in there and are beautiful, and they remind me of my friends. My plan is to shoot something each and every day, and sometimes the images will stand on their own, and other times, I’ll probably be inspired to jazz them up a little.

And even if I don’t post them all, I WILL be taking them and adding them to the gallery. For my own sake.

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